Cherry Tree Birdhouse, Napkin Decoupage Video Tutorial

Today I’m going to stir away from cooking and baking. I wanted to show you a different project I worked on recently. I made this large Cherry Tree Bird House using simple napkin decoupage technique. It will be used at a wedding in August. It turned out so pretty I think I’ going to get myself more napkins.

To make this Birdhouse you need:

Bird house of your choice
white household paint, I used white satin enamel
mod podge- craft stores
small painter’s brushes
paper towel
decorative napkins ( I used Caspari Napkins. If you wonder who can carry these?  Look in Gift shops, specialty garden nurseries or order online, link is below the post)
small scissors, I find nail manicure scissors worked great for this  complex pattern
  • First I painted the house with primer and then 2 coats satin enamel white paint. Let dry.
  • Cut out images from napkin, separate napkin layers, reserving the very top layer where the image is visible. Save these cut outs in a book or somewhere where they don’t get damaged.
  • Start creating design on the bird house, work in sections.
  • Position cut out on the bird house, then take a small brush or a piece of paper towel saturated with water, and very gently dab the cutout where you want it to first adhere, continue your way around the entire surface of the cut out. Make sure you are not dragging,  you only want to gently dab the image. Water will make napkin layer conform to the surface underneath and will act like a temporary glue.
  • Take  piece of a dry paper towel, and place the towel on top of the water saturated napkin cut out. Firmly press napkin onto the cut out, removing excess water. Do no drag the towel or you’ll tear the napkin underneath.
  • Now take another brush and with dabbing motion apply decoupage glue or mod podge, first layer you only want to do dabbing, second layer you can brush the mod podge. Let dry in between layers. If desired apply another layer of protective varnish. Let dry.

I used manicure scissors to cut out complex design.

Save the cut outs between the pages in a cook or a magazine. They are very light and thin.

Cherry Tree Birdhouse, using napkin decoupage on textured wood video tutorial

Here are another small birdhouses. I  also made these for a wedding, all 200 of them. Satin enamel white household(when I say household I mean same paint you use on the walls) paint was used to paint them first. They took 2 full coats to cover, then I printed square images and  I used modge podge to adhere prints onto the roof. Then pink tulle was used to fill the small holes in the front.

I’m linking this post to Tidy Mom.

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