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Gingerbread Mushroom Centerpiece

This will be (almost) the last cookie centerpiece I will share with you this year. I really feel like I overdid it with centerpieces this year, can’t help it, I really enjoy making them. For the rest of the week I have few new recipes  prepared. So we’ll give decorated cookies a break ..for  day or two.;-)
 Most of  the pieces I’ve made this year already have new homes. This one is going with me on 24th to our friends’ house.

To make Mushroom Centerpiece you need:

Gingerbread dough for centerpieces and constructions, bakes hard, not recommended for eating.
Or you can also use any of these cookie recipes,
these are all edible. Keep in mind, cookie dough containing a baking
powder/baking soda may change cookies in  size slightly once baked.
You need  large tree cookie cutter, palm tree cutter, round cookie cutters, small candy cane cutter, large 5 inch round cookie cutter for the base
Gel food colorings
  • Using round cookie cutters, candy cane cutter and palm tree cutter construct mushroom cookies of 2 sizes(as seen in the picture below).
  • Using royal icing flood cookies with icing, let dry.
  • Using icing, add details, like dots and line. If desired dip cookies in sanding sugar(see the large tree cookies, white-snowy lines were dipped in sanding sugar).
  • Once icing has dried, spray the cookies with Wilton Pearl Mist Spray.
  • Assemble the centerpiece using stiff to medium consistency royal icing, supporting pieces with crumbled plastic wrap. Let icing dry for several hours, then carefully remove plastic wrap and enjoy the centerpiece.

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