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 Art and Photo © James Shockley


It is a gift to witness love…
one day, a long ago I was surfing the flickr and I came across one photo, I can’t tell you that I remember what was in the photo, but I remember reading the first comment that the photo received…as it was a Love Note, a love note so moving, open, passionate and touching in the way I would have never imagined ! 
Their love story has touched many, and I’m not an exception.
What few years ago were strangers…are friends today.
And their love ? It has grown into a beautiful little boy… and is still growing.
I was always curious how they met, what started that first conversation, that special sparkle, you know.
The answer is  actually really simple, I learned this months and months later…it was the first portrait that James drew of his soulmate and muse Kitteh. 
His art brought them together, her encouragement made him a stronger artist.

Today I’d like you to meet an artist James Shockley.

Portraits like these make for exceptional gifts.
~Let the James to make that special portrait for you~

1.  I wonder, how did it happen for you, did you just took a pencil one day and started drawing?

James: ” When I was very little and Its a faint memory but I remember my mom giving me pictures to draw. She would give me a blank sheet of paper and a crayon or pencil and would have me copy the picture. She would tell me to copy the picture. I remember doing it a lot. They were like cartoon pictures.”


 Art and Photo © James Shockley

2. What medium(s) do you work with ?

James: “I mainly work with graphite, My second would be colored pencil ( Prismacolor).”



 Art and Photo © James Shockley

3. In the world of digital art, I find it so refreshing to find art that is done by hand, have you tried your hand in digital artwork, if so how would you compare two?
James:  “Yes it seems that everything today is digital. I have played around with some art in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and I will say it is fun and rewarding but i would never trade my right hand in on an education in it. To take a piece of paper and later see a creation later from my own hand (if it comes out the right..LOL) gives me a great feeling of accomplishment that i would have never gotten from a computer. Art is a deep expression that comes from with in, may it be from a pencil or keyboard. I myself do not see much of a difference but to really compare I would say that the paper feels more real. The end result is more real and I know that I did it verses me telling the computer to do it.”


 Art and Photo © James Shockley

4. What was your inspiration behind the Calendar Portraits, they are all women, all Movie Legends, Hollywood Divas?

James: “The inspiration came from an old drawing I did of Ava Gardner. My Soulmate Kitteh and I were talking about that drawing one night and I felt inspired to redo the drawing. At that point Kitteh asked if i would do a drawing of Marilyn Monroe Instead and I did. From there the Diva set was born. I did make sure that Ava ended up in the set somewhere. Kitteh had a big big role in the layout of the set and she was the one that mainly picked the portraits to be done. She knew more about classic Hollywood stars then I and she led the way as far as who would be in that set. Hats of to you My love Kitteh.”


 Art and Photo © James Shockley

5. Even artist has to eat, what is your favorite dessert?

James:  Cheesecake with Strawberries.

6. I’m just curious, how long does it take to draw a piece like this?

James: “Anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, I have never finished a piece in one sitting.”

7. When drawing a portrait, do you prefer for your surroundings to be quiet or do you listen to music, if so what type of music do you prefer to listen when you are working on a portrait?

James:  “I prefer Music. Music gives me a lot of flow and helps relax me and it does not matter what the Music is. I like anything from Ray Charles to Iron Maiden. I love music and I find it goes hand in hand with my work. Sometimes it gives me ideas on new drawings.”

 Art and Photo © James Shockley

8. What type of pencils(please correct me if the term is not correct) do you use?

James: “Graphite Pencils which are scaled from h to b, b being to darkest and softest. I mainly use b to b9 with a paper stub , tissue paper and a stick eraser.”


Art and Photo © James Shockley

9. Do you snack while drawing?

James:  “LOL… I am to afraid to =)”

10. The most precious memory?

James:  “That is easy, When I met Kitteh. Around this time I had been doing portraits for a set called beautiful women and I happened to be in her flickr photostream. I remember this and will never forget when I saw Her for the first time. It was like something hit me, Hard to explain. Anyway I saw her portrait and had to do a drawing of her, Now normally i would wait to write the person and ask if I may be able to do a drawing but I could not and wrote her right after I saw the photo.”

 Art and Photo © James Shockley

James, thank you for sharing you artwork with us today.
I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year2011.

Note : All the Artwork as well as photographs  above are  the property of James Shockley
Please Do not Reproduce in anyway without owner’s permission.
Thank you.

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