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Gingham Christmas Cookie Ornaments

 I nearly abandoned this cookie project. I had stenciled the cookies days before, I was looking at them for a week before I actually finished them. You see I had no idea what to do next. Gingham design is pretty on its own but something was lacking, there was an empty space. I didn’t like it. During that week I also  made royal icing holly leaves. I placed them on the gingham cookie and  suddenly all was clear. I know cookie decorating is not a rocket science but sometime there more to it than meets the eye.

To make these cookies you need:

Royal Icing Holly Leaves (Tutorial can be found here)
Brown Airbrush Color
Sugar Cookies or  use cookies (chocolate, gingerbread etc)
Professional Needle Tool or toothpick
Royal Icing Recipe
AmeriColor of Gel Paste Food Colors 12 Pack Kit

Royal Icing 15 Second Consistency: Ivory, Red
Royal Icing Medium  Consistency : Ivory(for the teardrop border)
Small Paint Brush
Narrow Stripe Stencil(make your own or buy it)

Gingham Ornaments Video Tutorial


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