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How to Make Vanilla Sugar

vanilla sugar
Vanilla Sugar is wildly popular in Europe, we use it in baked goods, or we sprinkle it on the top of  baked bundt cakes, crepes, etc. It has a wonderful aroma.
I learned to substitute vanilla sugar for vanilla extract in recipes, but when it comes to using vanilla sugar as a part of a topping, extract can not be used.
When I moved to USA it was rather challenging finding stores that carry vanilla sugar, mainly European stores carry this product, but those are rather far from where I live, I found it in Polish and Russian stores and  just recently I found it in Wegmans, a large grocery chain.
After all my searching I think I finally found a solution for vanilla sugar that I love so much. I can make my own home made vanilla sugar.Who knew, right?
Just by mixing granulated sugar with crushed vanilla bean, storing it in  the airtight container. I had it in the container for 2 weeks now and I can smell and taste the difference already. I shake the container every day to ensure evenly distributed vanilla flavor in the sugar.
vanilla sugar

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  1. I have heard about this and have wanted to make some for so long! I even have the vanilla beans! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. THanks a lot for sharing. I've never heard of vanilla sugar before, now I know. Thanks for the info!

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