Carrots from the Garden

Did you know  the  Ancients Greeks called carrot a “love charm”? They believed carrots had power to make men and women more amorous. Be careful eating too many carrots can cause a condition called  carotenodermia. Though  physically harmless  your skin can turn orange if you eat to many carrots. I’m not sure what it means too many carrots. I eat about 2 to 3 large carrots daily and I’m fine. No orange hair or anything like that. Skin discoloration will go away once you decrease the carrot consumption.
Carrots are very low in calories(they are about 87% water) and from all the vegetables, carrots contain the highest amounts of  beta carotene. They also get their orange color from red-orange pigment  beta carotene; just like pumpkins, mango, cantaloupe or sweet potatoes.

We picked carrots today, I mean we dug them out. It was pretty labor intensive to get them all out. Soil was pretty dry and dense.Then I washed them, scrubbed them and then we ate some.

Fresh, straight from the garden, covered in soil.

Washed and scrubbed they turned  bright orange.

Taking picture in the back yard.

Carrots grow from  tiny little seeds and with a little bit of love they’ll grow big and juicy and really, really orange.

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