Beach Cake with Gumpaste Adirondack Chair

Remember the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Bat Cake I made last year? This cake was for Tracy, lady who ordered the Phillies cake for her husband last year. Her husband called me about the cake for his wife. Naturally I had tons of questions about what she likes. Words like beach, red rose, books, purple were said. Decision was made. It was going to be a BEACH CAKE.

I had a major mishap when making this cake, everything went well, up to the point when I wanted to show the cake to my SIL via Skype.  I just updated Skype and a cool new option of sending a video message appeared on the screen. Andrea wasn’t picking up but I was thinking I could send her video message and she can see the cake that way. She makes cakes too and we chat often. I rushed to get the cake from the fridge. It was all assembled and I had a grin on my face. I was really pleased how it turned out. (I absolutely adored the chair with the drink). I lifted the cake up, up…in the fridge, where up meant that  my precious gumpaste Adirondack chair hit the shelf above. I heard the cracking noise and falling. My heart sank. I had 2 hours before delivering the cake. I found all the broken chair pieces and I glued them using stiff royal icing. It wasn’t perfect but it held together and  I’ve heard Tracy loved it.

Cake Details
I used my Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake (video tutorial)
Vanilla Swiss Butercream
Fresh Strawberry Filling
Gumpaste (Make your own gumpaste or use store bought, I used Wilton Gumpaste)
Airbrush(My New Airbrush)
Frosting Sheets

AmeriColor Gel Paste Food Color 12 Pack Kit

Rainbow Disco Dust, 5 grams

Light Brown Sugar
White Granulated Sugar
Royal Icing
Paper Drinking Straw from Bake it Pretty

  • I used a real life pattern for the chair, I resized it to fit the size I needed and then I simply cut out each piece from the gumpaste using exacto knife. Once I  had all the parts I  let them dry overnight and then I started assembling the chair, waiting for each section to dry before adding new piece.
  • Sea shells(learn how to make gumpaste sea shells), book, flip flops, rose, vase, drink, fence were made from the gumpaste. I airbrushed the fence pieces individually as well as piece of frosting sheet. Frosting sheet is a little piece with “Tracy” handwritten on it. I used an edible marker to write the name.
  • To make the beach umbrella I used a large round cutter and then cut out moon shapes using a small round cutter. Beach umbrella is made out of gumpaste as well. I let it dry inside of a small ball cake pan. Once dried I airbrushed it and attached a drinking straw with royal icing.

  • Wave on the top of the cake is made from stiff royal icing, using white icing and then blue on top. I used a small angled spatula to make the wave.

  • Beach sand is made with brown sugar, granulated sugar and little bit of rainbow disco dust. I like the beach sand to be lighter. I added some granulated sugar to brown sugar. You can control how light you want the sand by adding more or less granulated sugar. Disco dust is added for little sparkle. I used the same  technique for the beach sand in my other cake – Engagement Cake

  • I used Swiss buttercream to ice the cake. I made 3 shades of blue buttercream and iced the cake to create  the “ombre” effect.

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