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Bridal Shower Biscotti

Biscotti. I love these crunchy cookies. They are perfect.
 I always use the same base recipe, occasionally I spice it up with different dry fruit, and variety of flavors like anise, lemon or by adding some peanut butter chips into the batter. They also have a good shelf life and make for a great giving cookies.
Today I wanted to show you how simple chocolate dipped  biscotti (recipe-Walnut Cranberry Chocolate Biscotti) can get a pretty lift and become  Bridal Shower Biscotti, using Merckens White Chocolate wafers(or other dipping chocolate
wafers) and piping pipe  “I Do”, “Love”,Date or
add little hearts onto chocolate dipped biscotti. I hope you like the idea as much as I do and will give these a try.
  • Melt the  white
    chocolate until smooth, let it cool for a 
    few minutes
  • Fill the small sandwich bag or parchment cone, snip of
    a tiny bit from a corner.
  •  Supporting your writing hand with your other hand,
    pipe onto the biscotti.It helps to support your hands so it doesn’t shake and your piping has a steady flow.
  •  If you are not confident at first, try piping onto a
    wax paper before you pipe directly onto biscotti.
  •  Let the chocolate harden before
With coffee, tea or alone these biscotti cookies are super cute and delicious. Give them a try for Bridal Shower, add bride’s and groom’s initials for the Wedding treat, or make them for Birthday too.
This week I’m visiting The Pretty Blog and you can see my Biscotti post over there too.




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