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Fidget Spinner Emoji Cookies

This addictive fidget toy has caught my attention only a few weeks ago and after one of my you tube friends suggested that I make a cookie out of it, I couldn’t resist designing one that spins and tastes good at the same time. Voila, here is my cookie version. It is 99% edible. I have shared this cute little edible toy with several kids already and they all loved it so much.

To make the Fidget Spinner Cookies you need:

Template -below
Fresh Lemon Royal Icing
Gingerbread Cookies Dough(omit baking powder)
Drinking straw
Lollipop Sticks or you can try using candy instead.
Serrated Knife to cut lollipop sticks
Granulated Sugar- melt sugar on low heat, and always pay attention when working with hot substances to prevent burning.
Needle Tool 
Disposable Piping Bags
Food Colorings -Yellow, Pink, Red,Teal



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  1. What the thing used for decorating cookies ? Is that the regular butter icing or melted colored chocolate or what ? I never made it before want to try once .

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