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Owls in Love Cookies

How about some owls in love? Here is my take on Heart Owls Cookies.
These cookies were inspired by Callye from Sugarbelle’s. Her Heart Owls Cookies stuck on me and finally over a year later I put a little spin on these and made Owls in Love Cookies.
To Make Owls in Love Cookies you need:
Red, Pink, Chocolate Brown Food Coloring -15  second icing
Black Food coloring, make grey and black icing –20 second icing
White icing and little amount of  Red icing  – 10 second icing
Large needle or a pin
Small heart template or you can use a small heart cookie cutter to mark the piping guide
  • Using a pin and a small heart shaped template or you can use a small cookie cutter, trace the heart shape onto the cookie. 
  • Fill the small heart with white icing, immediately followed with adding 3 dots of red 10 second icing. Using a pin or toothpick, pull dots towards you creating a heart shape. Let crust slightly.
  • Flood one half of the cookie with red-15 second icing, let crust slightly then flood remaining half with pink icing.Let dry.
  • Pipe grey  eyes and then take black icing and pipe little dots directly onto a wet grey icing. Let dry.

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