3D Fall Cookie Tree Centerpiece


This is what happens when I have some cookie dough leftovers.I go and try new things. I’ve seen 3D Christmas Tree made the same way and so I thought why not Fall Tree, or Thanksgiving Tree, or a Cherry Tree(next on my list to try), basically it can be anything you’d like.

You’ll notice I used a small cookie cutter to put imprints into the cookies before they were baked, well this was before I decided to use something else to decorate this tree, once I get my creative juices flowing I jump from one idea to another.It just happens, I have no control over it.

How did I think of leaf Stamping? I grow herbs on the porch and as I was looking at my mint I thought, hm that would be easy to do, Cookie with leaf stamps on it, how pretty! Using edible mint leaves is a really easy way to decorate a cookie and keeping it all edible.

I have to say I’m loving the use of a brush and  whole cookie painting idea, though my hands shake like crazy when I pick up the brush. I gave it a try and it is not as hard as thought, but I can assure you I will not become a surgeon.

To make 3D Cookie Tree you need :
Cookie tree template, make one from piece of plastic or cardboard, make sure trunk is wide enough.(tutorial)
Cookie dough to make cookies, I hand cut my cookies with exacto knife
Royal Icing, outline and flood consistency icing (10 second flood icing tutorial)
Food gel coloring
Tiny brush
Paper Towel
Fresh Mint Leaves, washed and pat dried
Painter’s Palette

Plastic Template, here I was testing if my tree will stand on its own once assembled.

Bake cookies


Undecorated Cookie Tree

Ice Cookies. You need to ice cookies from both sides, ice cookie from one side, let dry and continue on the other side. Play with colors, it is not set in stone that they have to be white.Be Creative.

Paint Branches

Make sure painted details are dry before moving onto the other side of the cookie

Using a  tiny brush and gel food color paint one mint leaf with some food coloring diluted with water, make sure leaf is not too make, test the leaf stamp on a piece of paper if necessary.


Applying leaves onto the cookie

Continue Stamping

Use different color to make the stamps

Presentation Ideas
Once  stamped cookies are dried you can gently put the tree together, slide top part into the bottom one,  it will stand on its own,  place on the top of  the cookie base you made, simple round cookie flooded with brown royal icing.

Use mini cookie leaves around the base. To give leaves natural curve follow steps in my 3 color cookie leaves tutorial.

Or you can use  branches with few leaves on them, these can be real or artificial.Cookie tree can be used as centerpiece for a festive table setting and then later shared with everyone at the table.

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