Pumpkin Wagon Cookies

We live across the street from a big Pumpkin Farm so naturally their pumpkin patch is the first one I see during the Fall, I mean literally it is across the street and I go by every single day. There is no way I could miss it. They have a flat bed wagon they use to display their pumpkins and ever since I saw the 3D Duck Toy Cookie over at Callye’s blog – Sweet Sugarbelle I wanted to make this wagon. It was a pretty straight forward project. I needed 3 cutters. I utilized my square cutter to make the flat bed, I simple cut the unbaked cookie in half and I baked the rectangles separately. Using small round cutter I made the wheels and my mini Fall Cookie Set came handy too. I had 2 mini pumpkins so I pressed one cutter with my fingers to give it a more prolong shape(see the yellow pumpkin).

To Make Wagon Cookies You Need
Square Cookie Cutter
Fall Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set
, Pumpkin
Round Cutter
, to fit the wagon bed
Royal icing : orange(orange with touch of copper and brown), yellow (lemon yellow and tough of egg yellow and gold), barn red(Americolor Super Red
with touch of Americolor Soft Gel Chocolate Brown
, best to let the icing sit for at least an hour, color will deepen) leaf green, brown
Pastry Piping Bag
, Coupler, Wilton #352 Leaf Piping Tip

Professional Needle Tool

Royal Icing Recipe
Sugar Cookie Recipe
How To Thin Royal Icing

Pumpkin Wagon Cookie Video Tutorial


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