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Lace Cookies

I’ve always had a thing for lace and delicate looking things in general. I’ve lost track when was the last time I decorated cookies in this style so when I found few interesting looking patterns..where else? On Pinterest I had to try them out.

As I mentioned before I use a small sandwich bag to pipe onto cookies, truth is  last week I tried to switch back to PME tips and I felt so out of my comfort zone using them. I shall give my PME tips more work to get the hang of them again.

Lace designs are so rewarding, at least for me they are, you get a picture guideline but don’t have follow accurately, adding details, or taking them away, using dots, lines, even swirls, flowers, brushed embroidery. Lace has so much to offer in the cookie form.

Today I’ll show you 3 simple lace patterns that I turned into cookie designs.

I am often asked about thin lines, how do I make them, how do I keep them straight etc.
For starters there is really no manual how to do this except be patient. If you think my lines were straight when I first started decorating you are wrong, it takes a bit of time and patience but anyone can do it. When I started playing with cookie decorating  there wasn’t a lot of tutorials on this matter and basically all I know I learned step by step, through many errors I should add, and though my first decorated cookies were not the pretties I’m still proud of them because they took me where I am now.

Few Tips

  • when planning on making delicate designs like these, make sure you test your icing consistency prior using it directly on cookies. I tend to pipe on wax paper before I start on cookies, my icing is usually ready for this type of decorating once I stir thinned icing and peaks are slowly falling down but  they are not too runny nor they are too stiff.
  • Have a damp towel on hand to clean the piping tip
  • Start decorating with tip size 2(wider the opening easier it is to make straight lines) and once you feel confident progress to  Wilton number 1 or PME 1. Wilton has a tendency to curl up at times, if you are running low on patience with Wilton get PME tip. PME tips are generally better and won’t curl up as often, although they have curled up on me  and I lost my patience, yes it happens, I’m human after all. What ever you are using  wipe tips often to prevent any build  up at the opening that can affect the outcome.
  •  When making  straight lines, you need to press piping bag with a constant pressure to assure line is the same thickness  all the way through, and when you do  take the piping tip off the “ground”, just slightly above the cookie, keep pressing the bag with constant pressure and continue moving in the direction  you want to pipe, it will almost look like the line that is coming out through the piping tip has become airborne, all you have to do now is gently lay this line  where you want it. I bet you it is pretty straight, right!
  • One thing that will happen if you don’t keep the pressure on or if you have lumps or too much air bubbles in your icing, your line will break. Don’t PANIC now. It happens alright. Scrape the line and start over, if you can’t simply start where the line broke off and clean up any mess with a tip of a toothpick.

I though this would be  a really fun design to do, it is quite simple yet can be turned into million things, I made it straight all the way but this can be done into shapes as well.

Here is another pattern that I used for the cookie design, after I piped the lines and added middle dots I decided to add more dots to change it up a little bit.



Last pattern I used is probably most feared, yet it is very simple and I actually find it calming, that is if I have time to play with it. I don’t like making swirls, my favorite are dots and lines. Originally I wanted to fill every other square but decided not to.



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