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Nurse Graduation Cake


I made this cake back in May, in the midts of graduation  season and  unfortunately it never made it to the blog.  Lately I’ve had my hands full, I had my parents here, visiting from Europe for 3 weeks, our garden started to produce a lot of veggies and I’m cooking many new meals. I fell victim for zucchini cheese pasta rolls,  zucchini lasagna and zucchini chips. I’m also creating new videos for  my you tube channel.  You see, I’m full  of legitimate excuses as of why I’m not posting more often on the blog.  I promise though I’m going to try to keep up with it all and post more often than I’d been doing in the past  several months.
Back to the Nurse Cake. I used my  Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake recipe and Swiss Buttercream. Clearly, they are the favorite! I  also wanted to include few decorations,  everyday tools  a nurse uses every day, and  so I made a stethoscope, band-aids, and a  white gauze bandage. I also included the graduation cap made from fondant mixed with little bit of tylose. You can see it all come together in my full video posted at the end of this post. Enjoy.

To make this cake you need:

Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake
Marshmallow Fondant
Swiss Buttercream
Royal Icing
Food Colorings: black, red, ivory
Edible Markers by FooDoodlers – fine tip
Disposable piping bags
Frosting Sheet to bag the  name tag
Fondant Tools
Clay Extruder(used only with food)
Cheese Cloth
Rolling Pin
Pastry Fondant Wheel or knife
Mini Heart Cookie Cutter

You can now view how I made this Nurse Cake in my video tutorial.


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