Haniela's: Gingerbread Bird House Tutorial

Gingerbread Bird House Tutorial

Thursday, December 6, 2012

To make the Gingerbread Bird House you need:

Bird house cookie cutter set , or cookie cutter template for the house. One simple bird house should consist from 6 house sides, a base, house will stand on and a small cutter to be used to make a small opening on the front wall, Total of 8 cookies
Any additional cutters can be used to make decorations, like small leaf cutters for holly, or bird cutter, etc. Let your creativity bloom.
I used a  gingerbread cookie dough for building houses and other centerpieces
Food Gel Colorings
Piping bags, piping tips, couplers

Pick a template right for you

I used a mini leaf cutter to make a holly leaf.

                                          Bird House Cookies decorated with 1st layer of royal icing.

Pine Bird House
  • Flood all the cookies with white, or light ivory.Let dry.
  • Using forest green and leaf green  color your icing.
  • Pipe pine branches randomly onto the front, back and sides.Let dry.
  • Using brown icing pipe dots and short lines to create pine cone shape. Let dry.
  • To decorate the roof, use white icing, pipe the classic roof shingles pattern, while still icing is wet, sprinkle coarse sugar on top.
  • Let all the cookie part dry before assembling the house.
  • Use stiff royal icing to glue the pieces together. I usually start with the front and sides, adding the back of the house last. Then I tend to wait until icing dries and then I add the roof pieces.
White is always  beautiful.

Pipe random pine branches.

Add pine cones.

Gingerbread Bird House Video Tutorial

I also created 2 separate tutorials that will help you with creating your own gingerbread bird house.


Snowy Gingerbread Roof Tutorial-to create a fluffy snow like texture on the roof.

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