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Cutest Ladybug Cake for Valentine’s Day

I wanted to share with you super cute idea for Valentine’s day : Ladybug Cake. Of course if desired you can change it up, use different colors, shapes for the dots. I’ve done a similar Ladybug Cake with flower shapes and it was super adorable, too.


To make this cake you need:

Wilton Ball Pan – for this cake you only need to bake 1/2 half of the ball
Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake (use only 1/4 of the recipe), here is also a VIDEO if you wanted a visual help.Or use Simple Sponge Cake
Swiss Buttercream
Simple Sugar Syrup : ratio: 1cup water to 1/2cup granulated sugar, cook until sugar is dissolved, bring to boil and let boil for 4-5 minutes, let cool, add extracts, 1tsp vanilla, almond or lemon, or combination
Marshmallows Fondant
Gumpaste – use store bought or make it yourself, recipe on how to make gumpaste using Gum-Tex
Tylose( if you don’t have gumpaste, you can also add tylose to marshmallow fondant to make a quick gumpaste)
Americolor Food Colorings
Edible Marker (Optional to make eyelashes)
Stainless Steel Needle Tool
Ball Tool to make cavity for eyes
Heart Cookie Cutter to make the face and “dots” on the wings
Floral Wire to make tentacles
Disco Dust to decorate hearts on tentacles
Conversation Heart Candies
Royal Icing
Fondant Tools – to score the grass or use a toothpick

Follow this Step by Step Video Tutorial

I teamed up with super talented Laura form with Krazy Cool Cakes in this fun Valentine’s Day collaboration inspired by ladybugs.
Check out Laura from Krazy Cool Cakes and here adorable Ladybug Cupcake Toppers Step by Step Tutorial



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