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Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies


Did you know that 3 billion fortune cookies are made each year around the world, and US is the largest consumer of these little treats.
My friend gave me about 100 of them when I saw her this week, and it got me thinking about Valentine’s day. I could  make my own fortune cookies, filled with fortune of  love saying and quotes? I’m sure I didn’t discover anything groundbreaking, but I thought I’d give it a one more try, see I tried to make these once before but I wasn’t very successful, mainly because I didn’t use the proper tool to cool them in.More about that later.
Second time around, I made about 20-24 fortune cookie. I flavored them with
and they are really delicious.
Fortune Cookies
(about 20-24, depends how big you make the cookies)
2egg whites
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/3 cup(about 38-40 grams) butter, melted and cooled
1tsp princess cake and cookie emulsion
2/3 cup flour
1tbl and 1tsp water
 muffin pan – for cooling folded fortune cookies
red food coloring(optional)
Preheat oven to 375F
Line baking sheets with parchment paper.
Using a mixer,  on high whip together egg whites and sugar until  foamy, about 2 minutes.
Reduce speed to low, one at a time stir in melted butter, extract, water, and flour.Mixing well after each addition. Batter will be somewhat thick, like a pancake batter. If using food color, add few drops and stir the batter until well combined.
Using a teaspoon drop 1 heaping tsp of batter on the baking sheet, using the back of the measuring spoon, using circular motion, make about 3 inch circle.I was able to fit 2 circles on my baking sheet. I found it easier to work with 2 cookies at a time.
Remember to drop the batter apart so when you make the circles two are not touching and cookies have room to expand
Bake for  6-7 minutes, until edges are brown, you want to make sure you bake these cookie long enough so they are not under baked, under baked cookie will be soft, and you are looking for a crisp cookies.
Once you see brown edges, remove cookies from the oven.
Now you have to work fast, cookies can be folded only when hot, once they cool you can’t fold them anymore; using your Wilton 9 Inch Angled Spatula, With Black Handle
carefully ran the spatula under the cookie to release it, place the fortune in the middle of the cookie fold in half and then fold the ends into a horse shoe shape, use the edge of a cup to fold the cookie into a horse shoe shape.(see this video for folding tutorial) Place cookie into a prepared muffin pan, this was really helpful this time. See when folding a hot cookie, while hot  it can still unfold its self, but when you place in the muffin pan, muffin works like a cooling rack, once cookies are cooled their folded shape remains.
As you see I also partly dipped my cookies in chocolate.
Dipping Chocolate


4oz -113 grams, semi sweet chocolate
1/3 cup Crisco All Vegetable Shortening
 white vegetable shortening
Chop chocolate into a medium size pieces, place in a heat proof bowl ( I use tempered glass bowls),add shortening.
Sit the bowl on the top of the pot with simmering water. Stir until chocolate is melted and mixture is well combined.
Remove from heat and let cool, until chocolate covers the back of the spoon.
Line a tray with wax paper, dip cookies in chocolate, working with one cookie at a time.
Decorate cookie with sprinkles or disco dust to add a little love.

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  1. Now i want to try this too! Not for Valentine but for Chinese New Year! 😀 Thanks for sharing! Ok..i want to use princess emulsion too..sounds so princessy..and i like!

  2. Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments.

    Sue, sure you can, you can use any flavoring you'd like.
    You can't go wrong with good vanilla.

  3. So fun to make custom love notes for your own fortune cookies! I printed out the recipe; thanks! Do I just use vanilla instead of the princess emulsion?

  4. These are super-cute! What a fun idea to make. You executed them perfectly!!!! What a creative mind 🙂

  5. Landa, of course not. Please try them, they are fun to make.:-)
    Maybe you can decorate them with royal icing for a little extra decorative touch, I can see these to be really personalized with a written message on them..like For my Valentine or something like that. That would be fun too.
    I wish I used my disco dust, it looks so pretty on chocolate.

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