Gingerbread House Cupcakes


Last week I participated in a 50th Anniversary Cupcake Decorating Contest at Giggleberry Fair in Peddler’s Village. 
It was my first time entering in contest like this,there were over 100 entries, full of amazing cupcakes. 
Contest consisted of  3 Categories: Traditional, Baker’s Choice and Peddler’s Village Themed.
For my Peddler’s Village Inspired Cupcakes I decided to go with Gingerbread House and a Carousel Horse.
Peddler’s Village holds an annual Gingerbread House Competition and display  and Giggleberry Fair is famous for its beautiful Carousel, the whole Cupcake display was situated around the carousel as well, both seemed like a great choices for this category.

This is how my entry looked on the display:


Royal Icing Mini Gingerbread House Tutorial
You Need:
Brown Royal Icing, outline and flood consistency
Pieces of wax paper


  • First  on a piece of wax paper outline and flood the house base part, roof, sides, fronts, let dry completely
  • Once all the pieces are dry, add detail with white royal icing, let dry again
  • Assemble the house using brown royal icing, as shown in the pictures
  • Let dry completely before handling



Displaying Royal Icing House onto a buttercream frosted cupcake :

  • Using the same color royal icing as is your buttercream, apply thick layer of royal icing all around the perimeter of the base of the gingerbread house, part that will be in direct contact with buttercream. I find that creating a barrier between buttercream and actual cupcake topper made from royal icing is a great way to stop moisture/fat penetrating into the cupcake topper. I’m not sure if this makes any sense to you but I’ve been doing this for years, even with fondant decorations. I find that it  helps to prolong a display life of your  cupcake topper.

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