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Strawberry Lavender Sorbet

 I’ve been enjoying strawberries all week long, they are juicy, sweet and delicious.
Eating one or two or a whole pint for a dessert is no problem. 
We have a  rather nice crop this year but still not enough for a strawberry feast that I like.
We live surrounded by farmlands and strawberry fields are plentiful here so we stopped at a local farm and picked some 10 pounds of berries.  I get so excited when picking strawberries. It is almost like a treasure hunt, we get so into it, time just flies by and the excitement  of finding  a big one with the deep red hues is expressively loud.
Once we found our strawberry beauty we took it home with us. While riding I was holding the flat tray in my lap, occasionally leaning forward to catch the scent of them and then  I just stared at them for a little bit and then I took this shot. 
Isn’t it lovely? I’m planning on printing this one. It will look great in my kitchen.
And so I used some the strawberries to make Strawberry Lavender Sorbet. Quite yummy and refreshing dessert, especially now, in the heat of 90F.
 I purchased Culinary Lavender at a local lavender farm. I’m pretty fortunate to live in the area with not one but two beautiful Lavender Farms. One more beautiful than another. I can’t wait to go there soon to soak up the pure beauty.
When using lavender in cooking and baking, make sure you use CULINARY ONE only, it is free of pesticides.
Strawberry Lavender Sorbet
3/4 cup honey, or sugar
1 1/4 cup water
2tbl dry lavender flowers-culinary lavender
6 cups strawberries, washed and hulled
2 egg whites- I use substitute(1egg white=2tsp meringue powder+2tbl water)
* 1cup I use has volume 250ml
Make the sugar syrup
Bring honey and sugar to boil in a sauce pan, stir until honey is completely dissolved.
Remove from heat, add lavender flower sand let sit for at least and hour. During this time, lavender flowers will infuse sugar syrup. After syrup has cooled down  remove lavender flowers and chill the syrup.
Make Fruit Puree
Using food processor or blender puree strawberries, you might have to do this in batches as 6 cups is quite a bit of strawberries.Once you are done, run the puree through a large sieve. Do this twice. I use a silicone spatula to work the puree through the sieve, it works really well. 
Once you have your puree ready stir in chilled sugar syrup you prepared before. Fill the plastic container with the mixture. I find that using a rectangle or square shaped containers works best as it fits well in the freezer, also make sure you don’t use a container that is too small.
Freeze for 2 hours and run the mixture in the blender, freeze for another 4 hours and run the mixture in the blender or food processor again, stir in 2 frothy egg whites or egg white substitute ( follow directions on the packaging of the substitute)
Pour the mixture into the plastic container and freeze overnight, or until firm.
Use a small cookie scoop or melon scooper to make individual servings.

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