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How To Decorate Mardi Gras Cake

Couple of days ago I shared with you how to make Gumpaste Mardi Gras Mask and today we are going to use it to decorate a cake. Design of the cake is really simple and you can make pretty much all of the decorations ahead of time which makes the cake assembly an easy task.

To make Mardi Gras Cake you need:

Cake – use your favorite cake recipe. I love my Velvet Pound Cake, Chocolate Cake or simple Sponge Cake
Frosting – you can use store bought frosting, or make delicious Swiss Buttercream
Gumpaste Mask – How to make Gumpaste Mask
Fondant, I used Marshmallow fondant, you only need little bit, here is a quick recipe for Small Batch Marshmallow Fondant Recipe
Americlor Food Colorings – purple, yellow, green
Airbrush colors – purple
Metallic Airbrush Colors
Gold Mist Spray – use if you don’t own airbrush
Stencil, I bought my stencil at a craft store, you can also fun designs over at The Cookie Countess Etsy Shop, they carry lot of designs.
Silicone Button Mold
Fluted Edge Tear Drop Shape Cutters
Wilton Green Pearls
Plastic Tweezers
Fondant Tools

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