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Frosted Cookie Window Tutorial



Do you ever wonder how to make a frosty window  on your gingerbread house centerpiece?
To make a Frosted Cookie Window you need :
Toothpick or a Cookie Scraper(Boo-Boo stick)
Clean Painter’s Brush
To make the Bird Gingerbread house I used the  gingerbread cookie dough for building houses and other centerpieces
  • Using a clean brush and a little bit of flood consistency royal icing. Brush some icing onto a plain undecorated cookie. Apply icing thinly.
  • Immediately( brushed icing will be drying pretty fast)  take a
    tooth pick or use  pointy tip of a boo boo stick. Draw small stars,
    snowflake like patterns onto the freshly brushed icing.No worries these don’t have to be perfect.
  • Let the icing dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Then continue with flooding the cookie as shown below.
  • Once finished your window will have a frosted look.
  • Use the frosted window cookie in your Gingerbread Bird  House Construction for a wintery look.



You can find additional Tutorial on constructing your own Gingerbread Bird House, just follow the links below.
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