Alice in Wonderland Onesie Cookies, Piping Bows On Cookies Tutorial

I made these last month, cookies were  part of the set I made for a friend from Texas. They were for the baby shower for her neighbor. Theme of the shower was “Classic Children’s Books”. Since they didn’t have any more specifics  I decided to include several designs, one of them was Alice in Wonderland.
Design for these was drawn from several Alice in Wonderland costumes and   drawings I saw online. I like to mix and match and so that is what I did here.

To make these cookie you need:
Onesie Cookie Cutter
Royal Icing
Food Colorings: Sky blue, black, yellow, super red
Sky Blue  and Black – piping and 15 second consistency
White and yellow – 15 second consistency
Stainless Steel Needle Tool

  • As you notice top of the onesie is decorated with tufted design, you can see how this is done in my video tutorial below.
  • To make the bow I used a little paper template to help me make even loops. Using a stainless steel needle tool mark the corners on the template leaving a tiny little holes in the icing. These markers will serve as a guide when you pipe the loops with piping icing.
  • Fill with 15 second icing.
  • Wait till icing crusts over and add a large dot of icing in the center.

    Using a Template to Pipe the Bow on Cookies

Alice in Wonderland Baby Onesie Cookie Video Tutorial

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