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Mason Jar Cake

Make a pretty Mason Jar Cake.

You can never go wrong with flowers. Real or piped with a silky smooth Swiss Buttercream. Flowers never disappoint. Today I’m going to share with your how to make beautiful buttercream hydrangea and ranunculus flowers and how to decorate a cake with them.

buttercream hydrangea flowers



This beautiful Mason Jar Cake with buttercream hydrangea and ranunculus flowers is perfect for birthdays, parties, bridal showers, wedding, Mother’s Day or Spring celebrations.


I used a 9×13 cake pan to bake the Velvet Pound cake. Then I cut the cake to size of my templates.

carving a cake

To keep the cake moist I used a sugar syrup on all cake layers. Fill the cake with Swiss Buttercream and chill till firm. Carve the cake with a serrated knife. Crumb coat and chill again.

Frost the cake with a light blue buttercream and white buttercream. I also added pearl sprinkles to the sides of the bouquet portion of the cake, as seen in the video below.

If you haven’t worked with Swiss Buttercream be sure check my tips on How To Color Swiss Buttercream.


To make both of the flowers you need to use a flower nail and parchment squares.


colored buttercream in pouches
  • Ranunculus flowers grow in a wide range of colors. I decided to use peach and bright green.
  • You can use readily available peach food coloring or make your own shade by mixing together pink and little bit of orange.
  • Make sure to mix 2 shades of peach. One lighter than the other.
  • As far the green goes you can use leaf green and add a touch of yellow to it.
buttercream in piping bags
  • Today I’m going to use petal tips to pipe Ranunculus flowers.
  • Center is piped with green buttercream (tip #103). Notice piped green center looks like a hashtag symbol.
  • And inner petals are dark peach and outer petals I made with the lighter shade of peach (tip #104).
  • Be sure to watch the tutorial below on how to pipe these.
piping ranunculus flower with buttercream
peach buttercream ranunculus flowers


I absolutely love Hydrangea flowers. We have a hydrangea bush outside, by the side door. In early June it turns into a giant blooming ball. Bush is covered with pink bluish flowers with just the right amount of purple tint. I made my Hydrangea Meringue Cookies in these exact colors. They are gorgeous.

  • To compliment my showy ranunculus flowers I decided to make hydrangea with cream and bright green buttercream.
  • I used tip #103 to make the petals and tip#2 to make the center dot.
Green and white buttercream layered on a plastic wrap.
  • Spread a little bit of green buttercream onto a plastic wrap.
  • Then add more cream colored buttercream on the top.
  • Form a pouch and insert it into a piping bag fitted with a petal tip#103.
  • Make sure green buttercream layer in the pouch is aligned with the wide part of the petal piping tip.
  • Follow a video tutorial on how to pipe the flowers.


Before you can adorn your cake with pretty buttercream flowers you need to freeze them for an hour.

frozen buttercream flowers on a baking sheet

Once frozen solid you can remove the parchment squares and use them to decorate the cake.

Attach them onto your cake using little bit of soft buttercream.


piping burlap with buttercream

With a piping tip #3 pipe the burlap pattern onto a cake, with brown buttercream. Pretty white lace is made from Sugar Veil icing, using Sugar Veil silicone mold. Cut the SugarVeil to size.

You can learn more about Sugar Veil and how to prepare it in my detailed video tutorial How to make SugarVeil Lace. Attach SugarVeil lace onto a buttercream with a little bit of water.

mason jar cake iced with swiss buttercream

When working with frozen buttercream flowers, try to work fast. If you notice that flowers are becoming softer place them into a freezer for 10 minutes to firm up.

Use a green buttercream with a leaf piping tip to pipe the leaves. To fill the blank areas pipe the flower buds. Pipe green dots in different sizes. Then with a peach buttercream pipe peach into the center of the green dot.

Attaching frozen buttercream flowers onto a cake.
mason jar cake on a cake board
peach and white buttercream hydrangea flowers



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buttercream mason jar cake with buttercream flowers

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