Haniela's: Yellow Gingham Heart Cookies

Yellow Gingham Heart Cookies

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I made  gingham Baby Onesie Cookies earlier this year using a Food Spray and since I got a new airbrush few months ago I wanted to try gingham pattern on cookies  with my new tool.
Design for this cookie is super simple, I used  a wedding invitation I found on www.scribblespaper.com for inspiration.

To make these cookies you need
heart cookie cutter
Royal Icing
Food Colorings : mint, leaf green
white, mint and leaf green icing - 15 second consistency(how to thin icing to desired consistency)
Airbrush Color - yellow
Airbrush (this is my new airbrush)
Needle Tool or toothpicks
Small heart paper template
Simple Plaid Stencil ( you can make it yourself or get one over at The Stencil Closet on etsy)
Edible Marker
  • Using edible marker a small paper template, transfer the outline of small heart onto the cookie.
  • Flood the smaller heart with white icing, let dry.
  • Using stencil, airbrush and yellow airbrush color airbrush cookie, creating gingham pattern.
  • Continue with flooding remaining cookie with leaf green around the heart, immediately followed by "circling" with mint icing. Let dry.
  • I also made a video tutorial of the process and you can view at the end of the post.

Gingham Heart Cookies Video Tutorial


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