Carousel Lavender Farm


Early Saturday  afternoon  I entered the grounds of Carousel Lavender Farm, Bucks County, PA. In the heart of historic Bucks County many treasures are to be found,  farm with charming barns, garden, amazing fields of lavender bushes and stables for sure counts to be one those of Bucks County Jewels.

To my pleasant surprise I learned the farm was featured in the March 2008 Martha Stewart Living and other publications.


I spent about an hour taking pictures, soaking in the lavender scent, watching bees and just taking one step at a time, enjoying the weather and absorbing bountiful sights in front of me.






On the premises is a gift shop full of wonderful indulgences, from fresh lavender cookies, calming soaps, towels, lavender honey, culinary lavender and more eyes pleasing items. I love little shops like these, I never want to leave. Today I bought a bag of culinary organic lavender, it is the one of English variety, which is suppose to have the best culinary properties. I hope to make some cookies or a pie, perhaps bread using it.


Several weeks ago I visited another local Valley Peace Lavender Farm, though a lot smaller than Carousel Lavender Farm, it posses a very rustic and quaint feel. Both are magical and nothing short of amazing and I will be visiting them soon again.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. Gorgeous Photos!! Thanks for sharing them Haniela! And also great to 'meet' you! You look fabulous! I always love looking out for your's like seeing the other side of the world that's so beautiful out there with such beautiful scenery and so much land! The air must be great there too!

  2. I'm 10 minutes from Newtown and I too love Bucks County.
    If I may suggest go to the lavender farm in the morning, morning sun will be gentle for the photos – I think, afternoon sun was too strong, but still it was wonderful.Thanks for stopping by.
    Glad you like the photos.

  3. I 3> Bucks County! It's the best kept secret! I lived in Yardley for 10 years and my sister lives in Newtown. In fact, I'm dog and house-sitting for her this week and I'm looking for things to do. I'm going to be making a trip to Carousel… thanks for the reminder! Beautiful pictures!!

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