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Zucchini Soup


I love zucchini! We have several varieties in our Beautiful Veggie Garden, they are growing faster and faster. Last week I picked one from the ” Gourmet Variety ” I tried to pick them before they get too large. This one was fairly big, so I thought it may be getting too tough , but on the contrary, it was like butter..and I actually cut my finger chopping it. I made my favorite Zucchini Soup.

Zucchini Soup
one large zucchini, or several medium ones, cleaned, removed seeds, cut into small cubes (about 4 pounds, 1.9 kg)
1/2 of small onion (I prefer using red)
olive oil to saute onion 
allspice / whole, about 3 pieces/
pepper ground to season
pepper whole about 3 pieces
3 bay leaves
dill finely chopped
1/2 cup chicken broth 
3.5 cups milk  (whole or low fat milk is fine)
1 cup heavy cream ( I’ve used half and half  and it worked well too)

2 -3 tbl butter for bechamel sauce / you could  also use mix of olive oil and butter/
2tbl flour

boiled egg -sliced /optional/

Peel the zucchini skin, core and dice zucchini into small cubes.

-Chop  and saute onion   in  a medium size pot using a little olive oil, until onion gets translucent
-Add your diced zucchini into the onion, season with salt, pepper, add about 2 allspice/ whole/, and about 3-4 whole pepper, and about 3 bay leaves
-Let  sautee for 3 minutes or so, add chicken broth
-In the mean time prepare your bechamel sauce:
– In another medium size pot, melt butter, add flour and cook at least a minute or two to get rid of the flour taste, but don’t let it brown, add heavy cream and milk.Heat it up till it’s hot.
-Strain the milk to get rid of possible lumps  add  it to your zucchini and heat on medium heat, stir slowly and  bring to boil,  cook until zucchini is soft, add finely chopped dill and remove from the heat, season with salt and pepper if desired.
-Remove bay leaves and as many peppercorns as you see.
-Serve warm or cold, with hard boiled egg(optional)

if you don’t have chicken broth, it is fine to use more milk instead.
I’ve used low fat and fat free half and half, soup was delicious, I used butter to make the bechamel sauce
When adding two substances together, made sure that temperatures of both milk and zucchini is similar. You don’t want to add cold to hot and vice versa.


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    1. Hi June! Thank you. I don’t make it often but my mom makes it very often in the Summer because it can be eaten cold. It super refreshing.♥

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