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Tree Cookies


I simple can’t get enough of this simple triangle shape(Santa Cookie Template, cookie is about 4 inches tall 2.25 inch wide.) I’m seeing so many different designs with these, literally endless.
Previously I made Santa Cookie and Sleeping Santa using an exactly same shape.
Santa Cookies
Sleeping Santa Cookies

These Tree cookies were  inspired by a felt ornament.
I decided to make my own stencil with an image of a baby reindeer or deer, I still can’t make up my mind which one it is!?

Making a Stencil

you need:
stencil blank or plastic sheet
exacto knife
pencil or pen
image you will trace onto the stencil blank
work surface such as old piece of wood or wooden kitchen board(to protect the surface while cutting the stencil


Tracing the image onto the stencil blank/plastic sheet
when using a non clear plastic sheet, use back light or simply during day hours place plastic sheet onto the window, with image you’d like to trace underneath, take a pencil or pen and trace the outline onto the plastic sheet.

Using an exacto knife carefully cut out the image leaving you with a stencil, make sure you do this on a surface that can get damaged or otherwise you’ll end up with cut up kitchen table, use a wooden board underneath to protect the surface.


Wash your stencil in soapy water,and pat dry with a towel.
To make sure your stencil works properly test it on a piece of wax paper.

Applying stencil onto a cookie
Use a small off set spatula
Stiff consistency royal icing
When applying stencil apply royal icing in one direction only, do not go back an forth. You may want to try several test runs on a wax paper until you are confident you can do this on a cookie.
Wipe stencil clean after each use.


After you apply stencil add little details:
red dots
mushrooms : make the red caps first (use 15-20second icing consistency, follow tips in this tutorial), add white dots with white icing while the caps are freshly piped and then make the stalks with white icing. Let dry completely.

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