Dinosaur Photo/Buffet Card Holder

It’s Monday. Let’s  start this week with a super easy project ( before I jump into more complicated edible Dino stuff I have prepared; stay tuned for another super cute dino project later this week). Here is a quick and really fun project for all ages but especially for all the Dino enthusiasts.
If you can’t find plastic dinosaur toys, check out your local Dollar Store, they may have a great assortment.
You can use these to hold a picture, notes or buffet cards. If you are planning a Dinosaur inspired party these would definitely fit the theme.


To make dinosaur photo/buffet card holder you need:

Small dinosaur toys ( dollar store may carry some as well), Stegosaurus worked great.
glue gun
Party Printables at Bird’s Party

  • Preheat the glue gun.
  • 1. Cut the dinosaur in half, using a sharp knife, make sue to protect your surface, I used an old cutting board.
  • 2. Apply glue onto the cut sides.
  • 3. Press the magnet into the glue, repeat on the other side.
  • 4. Let the glue harden for a few moments and you are ready to use the holder.
  • If you’d like to see me make this craft in action, view my VIDEO TUTORIAL

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