Template for Calendar Cookies

Some of you emailed me asking for the instructions for How to make Stencil  Templates I used for my Calendar Cookies.
I tried to explain my process below, it is quite easy, I just hope I’m clear enough so you  can get the idea how I made these. I’m sure you’ll be able to achieve straight lines once you make these.
You need
 Chopping board(I use this to prevent my table getting ruined while I work with exacto knife)
Xacto X3601 N0. 1 Precision Knife With Safety Cap
pencil or pen
sheet of paper, on the heavier side
 First I made a design template for the cookie, like this one you see below. It was made to fit a square cookie about 3 inches.
Using the  template above I made 2 separate stencil templates(the ones I used to make the lines on my cookies), one with horizontal lines and one with vertical lines, as you see there are 4 horizontal lines and 3 vertical ones, I traced horizontal and vertical lines individually yielding to 2 separate stencil templates. Using pencil and a ruler I made each line about 1.5mm/1/16 inch thick.
When tracing onto a white heavier paper you may have a hard time tracing lines without using a back light, in this case simple place the design template onto the window(use a piece of tape to attach it so it stays at place if needed) and place blank heavy paper on the top, using a ruler and a pen trace the lines onto your heavy paper. You must use ruler for this or lines won’t be straight, unless you can draw super straight lines.
3. Now, place a cutting board on your table, place your vertical stencil template on top, using an Xacto X3601 N0. 1 Precision Knife With Safety Cap
 and a ruler cut each line individually, like shown in the picture below. You may have to push harder with your exacto knife depending on how thick the paper is, you want to cut through the paper.
Once you have all lines cut through, simply cut the ends and remove the little piece of paper that should be about 1.5mm(1/16inch) thick, you should be left with a piece of paper that will have see through lines.
Continue with second template.
Once you are ready to draw onto the cookies. Use first template, in my case I used horizontal one, finish off all the cookies, this will give the food coloring from the edible pen chance to dry a bit and then continue with vertical template, making vertical lines. I really hope this makes sense to you.




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