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How To Store Vegetables

This Week’s Kitchen Helper is a notoriously Famous Paper Towel. I know what you are thinking (Nothing new, we know that already!)
We all agree that Paper Towel is a such a great multitasker. 
From spills to napkins, sandwich wrappers to pretty hand made doilies..anything is possible, right ?
Storing Vegetables and Herbs with a Piece of Paper Towel
I love herbs and vegetables and often I find myself, especially now that we have a big garden, with an abundance of produce, trying to keep them fresh without going soft or bad is always  a challenging task.
I’ve been using a little trick to keep my herbs and veggies fresh. I use fresh herbs every day and so it very important to me that they are fresh with a beautiful fragrance.
When packaging, I wrap them in a piece of  a paper towel and them I put them into the ziploc bag and into the fridge.
I picked up this tip years ago, first I was only using it to store my herbs but about 2 years ago I started using it for all my vegetables. What a difference!  Right now I have fresh peas that we picked about 3 weeks ago  and they are still crisp and fresh, just because I’m storing them in a ziploc bag with a piece of paper towel.I had some few days ago, they are still sweet and delicious.
It really works. Paper towel absorbs the moisture and once it gets wet I replace it with a fresh one.
I’ve had fresh herbs in my fridge for 2 weeks, wanted to use them few days ago and once I unwrapped them from the paper towel I could smell them as if they were picked few minutes ago, they were bright green and crisp.
Below is a little tour of the process.
Fresh  String Beans and Herbs.
 I really hope you find this tip useful, give it a try and you’ll be surprised with the results.

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