Simple Monsters University Cookies, Mike Wazovski

I wanted to make some cookies for my friend’s kids. I’m kind of lost in that department if you know what I mean.What I liked 20 years ago is an ancient history it seems. I though it was best to ask. I called my friend and she told me they love Monsters University. Okay, I can do this, I thought to myself. See, character cookies terrify me, not as much as my fear of heights but enough for me to be nervous about them.
Here I my take at  Monsters University cookies. Meet  Mike Wazovski.

To make these cookies you need:
Sugar Cookies or other cookies that you like. Recipe I use the most.
Royal icing, I used Fresh Lemon Royal Icing to make these
Round cutter
Americolor Food Coloring : mint green, leaf green, black
Black Food Marker
Stainless Steel Needle Tool or toothpick-  to move the icing around
2 shades of green royal icing, light and dark green :15 second consistency
white royal icing -20 second consistency
black- 15 second consistency

Simple Monsters University Cookie Video Tutorial

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