Simple Duck Cookies

Few weeks back I was admiring Callye’s  Duck Toy cookies. Such a clever design and beautiful, beautiful execution. I only wish I was a kid again and my mom would let me play with my food…
Though I wasn’t really looking for a duck cutter I scored  one in a large estate sale. Most people look for furniture and big items,  not me, I’m always rushing into the kitchen area, trying to find some treasure. I have a duck cutter but this one looked so cute. Like I need more cutters, right? Obviously I do, because with  the duck also bought a goose and bunch of other cutters, too. 

To make these cookies you need :

Duck Cutter

Lemon Yellow

Gold Color

Royal Blue Color

Orange Color
Royal Icing
Cookies(I used Sugar Cookie Recipe)

  • To make the “duck” yellow and orange, I mixed together yellow and gold, orange and gold for the body.
  • Yellow, Orange and Light blue is 15 second icing.
  • Darker blue and white icing is about  18-20 second icing
  • You can see how these are made in my video tutorial below.

You can find variety of duck cookie cutters online, this one is the closest to the shape I used.

How to Thin Royal Icing to a Desired Consistency – 15 Second Icing

Simple Duck Cookies Video Tutorial

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