Silver and White Engagement Cake


As promised in my post ~Silver and White Engagement Desserts~ I’m going share with you behind the scene photos  from the making of this cake. Let me just say this – I had a blast making it!
I was contacted by bride’s mom and as we chatted over the cake’s design she mentioned her daughter Kim loves hearts and that was all I needed to know. I got to work and made a sketch.
Picture above shows the initial design of the cake, bottom tier painted with silver ,top either piped and painted or imprinted with intertwined  hearts,  on both sides are  2  layered hearts made from gum paste

.Hearts were suppose to be  connected with a bow or a plaque decorated with pearls, I was going for a meaning of 2 hearts : Bride and Groom. At the end I decided to go with one layered heart instead of two, it looked too crowded using both.

Cake was chocolate chip cake,(double the recipe for cupcakes) filled with a thin layer of vanilla swiss buttercream, and covered with marshmallow fondant.
Here is a quick recap of the process:



I covered the cake with fondant and my worries started to emerge…I mean what was I thinking, painting stripes on the cake??? It looks so easy when somebody else is doing it! Nevertheless I managed  to paint them, I used a mix of silver luster dust and rainbow disco dust for an extra sparkle, I mixed both  with McCormik’s Orange Extract. My advice, measure, count and measure again. Don’t be discouraged, it looks odd at first but once you start putting more stripes on it comes together.
I put my dowels in, I use Bamboo sticks, they are very sturdy and have a sharp point. BIG PLUS.You can use drinking straws as well.
After the bottom tier was done I stacked the top tier on the bottom one.
I had this vision in my head of what the top tier should look like. I used a mini heart metal cutter to make initial imprints into the fondant, all around, creating 3 lines,  originally I thought this was going to be enough, but it wasn’t what I wanted so I decided to pipe the hearts on using royal icing and round tip #3. After I piped all the intertwined hearts I had to paint them with luster dust. This took a while but it was all worth the time. I loved the look.
Cake before attaching the Decorations

Last part was to attach the layered gum paste hearts. I decide to use one heart on each side.Using a little bit of royal icing as a GLUE, I piped some on the back of the large heart and attach it to the cake. I had to hold it for a bit till it adhered completely. I broke one of these in the process, thankfully I made more just in case.

Here is the finished look

Transporting the Cake

To transport a cake I always place my finished cake on a wooden board(I use a round turnable one from IKEA)and I keep the board with the cake sitting in my lap while traveling, that is if somebody else is driving, I haven’t attempted driving a cake alone.) I always  line the board with a berry grip liner-

I forgot to take a picture but I’m sure you get the idea.
Liner helps to keep the cake from moving, it has worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you. If transporting a cake while driving, I suggest lining the surface of the car with the berry grip liner as well, and then place the cake on the top of that, this will help to prevent cake from moving, of course you still have to drive with caution.


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  1. Thank you so much everyone!
    Rosie, you just have to carefully lift the cake with the cake board and place it onto a cake stand.

    Shaile, I'd love one, thank you for your kind words.

  2. Love it all…the cake, cookies and cupcakes.. it looks vintage and modern at the same time..you paint wonderfully straight stripes too.. thanks for the behind the scenes look as well.. you should look into the pearl maker… you will love it!!!

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