Argyle Neck Tie Cookies

I don’t own a kopykake so creating certain designs on cookies can be a pain. Today I wanted to share with you a really simple technique of creating a piping guide directly on a cookie, using a piece of paper/plastic and a food pen.
A perfect example is argyle design, one would think you can just pipe those perfectly even diamond shapes by hand, well maybe you can but I can’t so I made a little template to help me along.

To make these cookies you need:
Neck TieCookie Cutter 
Black food coloring
Red food coloring
  • Bake the
  • Using a
    simple plastic or  a paper template  and a food pen, draw a piping guide directly onto
    the cookie.
  • Starting
    with white icing(using  10 second icing), fill the diamond shaped areas, following the argyle design pattern,  and the piping guide. 
  • Fill in
    the white areas, let dry. 
  • Fill in
    the red(using 10 second icing) areas, let dry. If needed use a toothpick or a pin to push the icing
    into the hard to reach corners. Let dry.
  • Using a
    grey or black icing pipe the clean lines across to finished the argyle pattern.
  • Pipe the
    red outline and let dry. 
Use a template to draw a piping onto the cookie

Fill in white areas

Fill in red areas

Use a pin or toothpick to push the icing into the hard to reach areas

Pipe clean lines across

You can view more tutorials from The Cookie Cutter Company  Valentine’s Day project here :
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