The Beatles Cookies Take the Stage

All 4 Beatles
I love The Beatles, I always have..oh wait, actually not always to be truthful. Here is how it all started. My brother and I shared a room when growing up. Martin is 3 years older, he had a cassette player (back then we didn’t have CD players) and I didn’t. One day he started to listed to this band I didn’t know, he’d play their songs over and over(since it was his cassette player..all I could do is listen to what ever my brother was listening to)…oh  and I hated it…,  not for long though, I think I was 10 or eleven when I took my first English Language Class. Teacher had us sing YESTERDAY by …yes, you guessed it right! By The Beatles. After I came to understand the lyrics, I fell in love and later in High School I wrote  a paper on them getting A+. That’s how my appreciation and love for one of the greatest  if not the greatest band of all the time began. 
Today I will share with you a set of cookies representing John, Paul, George and Ringo, Abbey Road Album Cover and The BEATLES drums. I hope you enjoy these.
Abbey Road Album Cover was done with a little   help of a stencil I made myself.
It is a tricky one, but it can be done and I just love the effect it creates.





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  1. Totally at a loss for words. Hani, you have outdone yourself! I'm giving you a standing ovation! Great, Great job!

  2. Thank you so much everyone for stopping by, I love reading your comments.

    Lorraine- I used RI for these. I was able to use them as cookies I made baked flat, I wasn't able to do that in my last batch.

    Meaghan, I think you can do bold and italics, so nice of you to stop by. Thank you.

  3. Gosh Hani, these are a whole different level. Absolutely beautifully done. Wow, you always amaze me!

  4. Will you send me a batch of these? I would appreciate it ever so much since I am a huge Beatles fan too.

  5. These are incredible. I love them. They all look perfect. Did you do the faces freehand or a ri transfer?

  6. OMG! Super Duper Cool and AMAZING!!! Your piping is excellent! The characters are soo awesome!!!

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