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Pumpkin Meringue Cookies

I combined Fall and one of my favorite desserts – meringue into super cute Pumpkin Meringue Cookies. These easy-to-make treats are a perfect way to use up those leftover egg whites you have in the fridge.

Close up of baked meringue cookies.

updated from 2013



I prepare meringue by whisking sugar, egg whites, and cream of tartar over the pot of simmering water. Heating sugar with egg whites helps dissolve all of the sugar and makes the meringue stronger. I use an acidic ingredient like cream of tartar because it increases egg white foam stability.

However, if you don’t have a cream of tartar, instead, use freshly squeezed lemon juice or white distilled vinegar. Before we go any further, I need to tell you how much I love cream of tartar. It is a powerful ingredient in Invert Sugar Syrup and Thick Caramel Sauce, as it inhibits crystallization.

Flavor meringue with Vanilla Extract, and you can beat in fall flavor using pumpkin pie spice, too.

  • Divide stiff meringue and color about ¼ with green gel color and the remaining meringue with orange gel color.
  • To pipe meringue I use 2 piping tips: Large Star Piping Tip and Leaf Piping Tip #352.
  • Fit a large piping bag with a large star piping tip and fill it with orange meringue. Do the same with a leaf piping tip and a green meringue.
Bowls with green and orange meringue.


  • Line a flat light-colored baking sheet with parchment. Pipe star shapes onto the parchment with orange meringue. It’s okay to pipe them close together, cookies won’t spread during baking.
  • After you piped all the orange stars, take green meringue and pipe green leaves onto each pumpkin meringue.
Baking sheet with parchment and piped orange and green meringue cookies.


Bake cookies in the preheated oven at 175F for 3-4 hours. Leave the cookies in the oven, until oven cools. Then remove them at once and store them in an airtight container, with a small dish of rice. Rice helps to keep the moisture under control, keeping meringue cookies crisp.


  • Weeping
    • Causes: overbeating of the meringue or cookies are underbaked.
    • Remedy: add more sugar or add 1 to 2tbsp corn starch to the meringue at the last stage of the mixing. It stabilizes the meringue.
  • Cracks
    • Causes: meringue beaten at very high speed. Or meringue was baked at high temperature.
    • Remedy: beat meringue at medium-high speed, lower the baking temperature, and increase baking time.
  • Beading
    • Causes: this can happen when sugar in the meringue is not completely dissolved or meringue was baked at high temperature, or it was baked for too long.
    • Remedy: Make sure sugar is dissolved completely. Lower the oven temperature.
  • Chewy Texture
    • Causes: high baking temperature, underbaked meringues -not baked for long enough.
    • Remedy: adjust the oven temperature.
  • Overbrowning
    • Causes: dark baking sheet, high baking temperature.
    • Remedy: use light-colored baking sheets, lower the temperature, adjust baking time.
  • Meringue is not stiff
    • Have you added acidic ingredient? Cream of tartar, lemon juice or white distilled vinegar loosen tight protein chains in the egg whites, allowing you to beat in more air and making the meringue more stable.
    • Beat meringue at low speed at first and then increase speed to medium-high. Don’t beat the meringue at the highest speed setting.
    • It can take 10 minutes with a stand mixer to reach stiff peak. Be patient.
    • Maybe fat has gotten into the egg-white mixture? Wipe the tools with vinegar before before mixing the meringue.


Pumpkin Meringue Cookies

Make crispy Pumpkin Meringue Cookies.
The recipe makes about 40-50 cookies, depending on the size you make them.
Serving size: 2 cookies.
Course Candy, Dessert
Cuisine American, French, Slovak
Keyword meringue cookies, meringues, pumpkin merinues
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 3 hours
Servings 20 servings
Author Hani



  • 4 egg whites (120 grams)
  • 1 cup granulated sugar (200 grams)
  • 1 tsp cream of tartar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (optional)




    • In a heat-proof mixing bowl whisk together egg whites (3 egg whites, 120grams), granulated sugar (1cup, 200grams), cream of tartar (1 teaspoon)
      TIP: If you don't have the cream of tartar, use 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or distilled vinegar.
    • Place bowl over a pot of simmering water and stir mixture using a whisk until all of the sugar is completely dissolved.
    • Remove from the heat and return bowl to your stand mixer or use a handheld mixer. Beat at low speed, and gradually increase speed to medium-high. Don't beat at high speed. Beat until medium-stiff peaks are formed. Beat in Vanilla Extract (1 teaspoon) and pumpkin pie spice, if using (1/4 teaspoon). Beat until stiff peaks are formed.

    Color Meringue

    • Color about 1/4 of the meringue with green gel food coloring. Color remaining meringue with orange gel color. Avoid stirring meringue; instead, fold the color into the meringue.

    Pipe Pumpkins

    • Pipe orange meringue cookies with a large star tip onto the baking sheet lined with parchment. Then pipe green leaves on top of the orange shapes.

    Bake Meringue

    • Bake meringue at 175F for 3-4 hours. Turn off the oven and leave the meringues in the oven till it cools completely. Remove baked and cooled meringues from the oven and store them immediately in an airtight container.

    This post was originally published on September 7th, 2013. I updated this recipe post with new pictures and written text on September 1st, 2022.

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