Pop Art Pug Birthday Cake

I’ve been making cakes for their birthdays ever since they were little kids. Tyler and Katie. Tyler turned 12 and Katie turned 10 this year. Every year they celebrate together and every year I try to make something special for them.
Last year I made Pug Cookies for them.

For Tyler’s 10th I made  Japanese Pagoda Cake

For their 7th and 9th  Birthday I made a Sponge Bob Cake

Happy Birthday Katie & Tyler

For Katie’s 6th Birthday I made Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty for Katie

For Tyler’s 8th Birthday I whipped up Godzilla Cake and Cupcakes

Godzilla Cake and Cupcakes

This year wasn’t much different, I  definitely wanted to make something they both would love. It was either Angry Birds or Pug. I guess you know where this is going, right? Pug it is. 
Let me tell you, when I looked up all the pug cakes out  there  I was like, why why did you say you’d make a pug cake. Most of them are elaborately sculpted, airbrushed and look like a real dog. I mean have you seen these cakes.
Plan B : I turned my attention to silhouettes and I ended up looking at Pop Art and one of my favorites Andy Warhol. You may remember last year I made Saint Patrick’s Day Cupcakes inspired by Andy Warhol. It seemed like a perfect match for the pug cake too. Katie and Tyler are very artistic, both parents have a strong artistic background so why not.
Here are few facts about this cake. I  baked my most requested Vanilla Pound Cake, paired it with vanilla Swiss Buttercream. Cake board and other decorations were make with marshmallow fondant.
To make Pug silhouettes I made a simple template  using an image I found online (I simply typed “pug silhouettes, or “pug silhouette clip art” into the search box online). I flipped the design and made minor adjustments to fit my project.
Then using exacto knife,  fondant colored with rainbow colors and my silhouette template I hand cut the pug silhouettes from fondant.
If you are not certain how to make a template from a picture you can visit my detailed tutorial on the subject.
To position silhouettes on the cake, I measured circumference of the cake and then divided that with the number of silhouettes. In my case cake was 66.5cm : 7 silhouettes = 9.5cm. This means center of yellow silhouette would be  9.5cm from the center of the green silhouette and so on. I marked 9.5cm around the whole cake and using some thinned royal icing I attached silhouettes onto the cake.
Cake Board Design was very much inspired by Andy Warhol’s Flower Painting.
I used an artist brush, vodka and red food coloring to paint the pink cake board covered with pink fondant.

Since cake was meant to be for Katie and for Tyler I decided to divide it in half with a topper.  Topper was made from 2 round  sugar cookies, glued together with icing, both decorated in different colors. One had 10, and the other one 12.

When I delivered  the cake I asked Katie if she liked her cake,  she
told me she loved it because it had her name, number 10 and Raider, their
pug was on it, too. Tyler commented :” That is so cool”.

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