Haniela's: TUTORIALS


Edible Sugar Decorations
Sugar Diamonds
Royal Icing Butterflies
How to use Luster Dust
Gumpaste Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Candy Cane Cupcake Toppers from Fondant
Angel Wing Cupcakes Toppers

Baking  Step By Step (Picture) Tutorials
Strawberry Tiramisu
Pate a Choux Pastry Swans
Kiwifruit Cake
Chocolate Panna Cotta Banana
Dobos Cake Bar(how to make super thin sponge layers)
Cherrios Strawberry Cheese Tart
Rice Souffle Cakes
Apple Cupcakes(no bake)
Rhubarb Lavender Tart
Apple Caramel Cupcakes(How To Core a Cupcake)
Apple Tartlets with Meringue
Cupcake Apple Pockets
Chocolate Ganache Apple Cupcakes
Apple Trifle
Apple Dumplings
Apple Rice Casserole
Apple Wing Cupcakes(Royal Icing Angel Wings)
Apple Strudel

Royal Icing
Cylinder Cookies
Walnut Cranberry Biscotti
Orange Petit Beurre Biscuits
Meringue Santa Hats
Cherry Almond Cookie Bars
Peanut Butter Cherry Cookies

Soft Pretzels
Soft Pretzel Bites
Pumpkin Shaped Pretzel Bites
Soft Pretzel Tomato Bites
Pine Cone Soft Pretzels

Bread (yeasted sweet and savory)
Apricot Bread Tartlets
Chocolate Walnut Roll
Hani's Soft Yeast Dough
Steamed Fruit Dumplings

Potato Biscuits

Chocolate Walnut Roll
Chocolate Panna Cotta Banana Dessert

How To Make
How to Make Vanilla Sugar
Whole Vanilla Bean Sugar
Chocolate Tempering
How to Make Farmer's Cheese
Homemade Buttermilk

4th of July Peppermint Patties

Shoe Cookie Cutter Templates
Decorative Wooden Clothespins
Recycled Cookie Containers
How to make Cookie Cutter Templates
Storing Your Camera
Biscotti Photo Shoot
Crafty Chick Apron
How To Make Heart Bokeh
Peace Valley Lavender Farm
Cutalossa Farm
T-shirt Cupcake Toppers
Patriotic Dessert Topper
Decorate with Pinwheels
Watermelon Paper Templates
Carousel Lavender Farm
Raisin Bread Photo Shoot
Ciabatta Photo Shoot
Pumpkin Farm
Fall is Here
Tips on Food Photography
Miss Lindsay Photo Shoot
Fall is Magical
Garage Sale Treasures
I Heart Faces
Pretty Packaging for Valentine's Day
I Heart Sprinkles(Online Store Directory)
Easter Bunny Napkins(video tutorial)
Spring in the Vase
Magic of Photo Cropping
DIY Cake Stand
Distressed Wood Plank
Getting Cookie Inspired
Designing a Cookie Cutter From a Picture
Templates For Father's Dar Origami T-shirt
Dance Recital Dessert Table
Apple of My Eyes Baby Shower Dessert Table
How I Took This Picture
Kitchen Helper's Unlimited(Drinking Straws)
Kitchen Helper's Unlimited(Clean Glass Top Stove)
Kitchen Helper's Unlimited(Skinny Spatula For Crepes)
Templates for Calendar Cookies
How to Store Vegetables
Kitchen Helper's Unlimited(Bamboo Stick as Cherry Pitter)
Origami Dress Tutorial
Pretty Origami Dress Card(Bridal Shower Idea)
Tomato Photo Shoot
Hot Air Balloon Above the Pumpkin Field
Stay Calm Kit
Tissue Apple Pom Pom
Stamped Apple Wreath and Apple Basket
Apple Photo Banner Tutorial
Celebrating 2011
Recycle Chobani Yogurt Containers
Flowers in the Vase
Santa Cookie Garland
Cookie Pop Stand
Dinosaur Photo/Buffet Card Holder
New Gardening Tool
My New Airbrush
Father's Day Origami T-shirt Video Tutorial


BB8 COOKIES - Watch how to make them here

PAW CONTROL MARSHALL COOKIES - Watch to how to make them here