Haniela's: Dobos Cake

Dobos Cake

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dobos Cake
i can't believe you made this dream
all those layers with heavenly cream
so much work to make slices through the cake
but it's all worth it when time to partake 

© Iris Zuares
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Dobos Torte/Cake/ -  originated in Hungary and still is a very popular dessert in Europe.It was first introduced in 1885.  Cake consists of thin sponge cake layers  filled with chocolate filling, traditionally a caramel top layer is used. Variations of this dessert are endless. I have made into a 9 inch cake, rectangle cake, petit fours, heart shape etc.

The biggest challenge for me personally was to acquire the right recipe for the batter/baked layers of the cake/ I have tested quite a few different recipes, altered the amounts and such. Finally I think this is the one I'm pretty happy about.
As for the filling, I recommend going with your favorite chocolate filling, when I was searching for a perfect Dobos Cake/Torte/ recipe, some used ganache, whipped whipping cream, buttercream, pastry cream etc.
To achieve the light feel of this cake I use somewhat "altered" pastry cream.
What I love about this cake, that it is simple yet very elegant and  fit for any occasion.


For Sponge Cake Layers
10 eggs separated /10egg yolks and 10egg whites/
1 1/2 cup flour
3/4 cup + 4tbl  granulated sugar
1tsp vanilla extract

1/4tsp baking soda
pinch of salt


3 cups milk
1/2 cup dark chocolate
5-6tbl corn starch
1cup butter/room temperature/
1/4cup cocoa 
1 cup + powdered sugar
rum or chocolate liqueur  - about 1tbl or so
/when making for kids, omit alcohol/

Chocolate Glaze

300 grams dark chocolate
113 grams butter
1tsp oil

Oven 350F

- sift flour and baking soda in the bowl

-whip egg whites adding pinch of salt, when medium peaks are formed  add 4 tbl sugar and beat until stiff peaks are formed
-beat egg yolk with remaining sugar until doubled in volume and pale in color, add vanilla extract, beat until smooth
-fold flour mixture into the egg yolk mixture alternatively with whipped egg whites, until combined

 -preheat oven to 350F

- line the back of your baking sheet with parchment paper. I use Pam spray to make sure parchment paper adheres to the back of the baking sheet. I also spray parchment paper itself to prevent sticking
-using a cup pour about 1 1/2 cup of batter on the top of the parchment paper
-using a large spatula spread the batter evenly
-bake in preheated oven for about 6 minutes /turning in half time/, layer is done when golden in color, sides maybe be slightly brown.
-using both hands lift the parchment paper with baked cake layer off the baking sheet and flip it on to a prepared board lined with wax paper and place the baked layer on the top of the wax paper and gently peel off the parchment paper
-repeat with remaining batter

This batter should yield approximately 6 thin cake layers, using standard size baking sheet
- to cut layers into desired sizes I use pizza cutter and a ruler

-in the medium bowl combine corn starch with 1 cup of milk until thoroughly mixed together.
-pour rest of the milk into a  pot and combine with cornstarch mixture
-add chocolate
-cook on medium heat, stirring slowly but constantly
- once cooked, it should resemble thick pudding consistency
- strain through a metal sieve into a bowl /CIA Masters Collection 6-3/4-Inch Very Fine Mesh Strainer

-cover with plastic wrap
-chill until cool
-using your mixer beat butter until silky smooth add powdered sugar and cocoa and beat until smooth
-add your cooled pudding mixture into the butter mixture with mixer running, adding about 1/2cup  of pudding into the butter at a time.
-add rum, or chocolate liqueur of your choice

Fill your cake with the filling
Place the filled cake onto a board and cover with plastic wrap. Place another board on the top of the cake and put some weight on it and into the fridge overnight. Reason you want to put weight on the top of the cake is to ensure the top of cake will be flat before chocolate coating.
Take the cake from the fridge, lift of the weight and the board, trim the cake to the final shape and size.

Chocolate Glaze
300 grams dark chocolate
113 grams butter
1tsp oil

Place chocolate, butter and oil in the heat proof bowl and melt it over a pot with simmering water/ you can also do this in the double boiler/
Stirring slowly until chocolate and butter is melted, take care not to overheat.
Chocolate glaze is the right consistency when wooden spoon dipped in, stays coated with a thin layer of chocolate.If chocolate is too thin, wait a little till it thickens.

Line the tray or baking sheet with wax paper, place your filled and trimmed cake on the top of the cooling rack.
Place the cooling rack with the cake on the top on the top of  baking sheet lined with wax paper.
Slowly pour chocolate glaze on the top of your cake, using metal spatula to spread the chocolate glaze evenly, across the top and the sides.
 Some chocolate will drip through the cooling rack onto the wax paper, simply scrape the drippings with metal spatula and save for next use.
Cool in the fridge.
Cutting the cake
To cut the cake I recommend using a sharp knife dipped in hot water and wiped dry, it will give you sharp cut.

- This is one of my favorite cakes, it is rich in flavor and yet it is light in texture.
- I  use fat free milk when making  the filling, it works fine
- It behaves really well, I store it in the fridge for several days with no problems
- Cake tastes best when left to mature for a few hours upon glazing.
-Enjoy alone or with a cup of coffee...it is truly a special treat

 I decorated cake with disco dust  American Silver Disco Dust, 3 grams and royal icing butterfly.


My Dobos Cake variations:
 Heart Petit Fours and Rectangle cut cake


  1. Love this cake!! Your display photos are gorgeous and your step by step photos are so easy to follow... fabulous!

  2. YUMMY! So mouthwatering! I want a piece..and i don't care if i am not feeling well today..i just want to have a slice of that! I LOVE your photos! Not only can you bake and decorate such beautiful cakes and cookies, you are also a very talented photographer!

  3. This cake looks soooo good, Hani! And you make it sound like easy to make... maybe I'll try it for a special ocassion... your photos are fantastic!

  4. Thanks Ladies, it really isn't that difficult to make.Thanks for your compliments. ♥♥♥