Haniela's: ~Tissue Paper Apple Pom Pom~

~Tissue Paper Apple Pom Pom~

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm sure most of you out  have seen  or made your own tissue paper pom poms, they are wildly used as decorations for parties and celebrations. I didn't make a tutorial on how to make the basic tissue pom poms, there are hundreds of tutorials out there already, here you can find  the basic instructions on how to make a   Tissue Paper Pom Pom .

Tissue Paper Apple Pom Pom

To make the apple pom pom you'll need 7 sheets of red tissue paper and 3 sheets of green tissue paper.
I used a  size of tissue paper sheet of 20x30 inches

I wanted  to make a medium size pom pom so I cut all the sheets in half(cutting 20x30 to 2 - 10 by 30 inches long sheets) I stacked green papers on top of the red ones  and followed the basic tutorial for making tissue pom poms.
From 20x30 tissue sheets size you'll get 2 apple pom poms.
Folding starts one the shorter side.

Once I finished making a simple pom pom it looked like the one below:

Since I wanted to make it look like an apple I decided to add a real piece of a stick or a piece of a small branch from a tree, making it look like a stem. I drilled a small hole into the stick.

Trim the stick to the size you see fit for your pom pom.

Glue the stick with a super glue.It looks little weird in the picture but you get the idea.:-)

Once stick is glued in place it will look something like this:

All you have to do is run a thread through the hole in the stick.

And now you are ready to enjoy your Tissue Apple Pom Pom


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