Haniela's: Chocolate Walnut Roll

Chocolate Walnut Roll

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is a  treat I get requests for all the time. It is made using Sweet Bread dough and it can be filled with farmer's cheese and raisins, apples and walnuts, poppy seeds and apples, variations are endless.

Chocolate Walnut Roll
For one Roll you need
You favorite sweet bread dough
Ground walnut/2cups/
Powdered Sugar to taste/about 1cup/
Warm milk as needed

Ground walnuts, cocoa , powdered sugar, warm milk /just a tiny bit/. Mix all together to form medium thick mixture.

Roll the dough into a rectangle, fill with your favorite filling and fold into a roll. Let rise for about another 40 minutes.

Preheated oven to 370F
Brush the roll with egg wash, or butter/egg wash will make it shiny/
1.stage -bake covered with aluminium foil for about 15 minutes
2.stage - decrease oven temperature to 350F, remove foil and bake until golden brown on the top.

-to prevent cracking on the top of the roll fold the roll loosely, this will allow it to expand while baking without causing  unsightly crack in the middle

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