Pretty Heart Cookie

When I first started to decorate cookies,  there were no online tutorials,  I learned everything the hard way.  First I was using piping tips and piping bags, mostly Wilton tips size 3,2,1. At the end of 2009 I started  to decorated my cookies using sandwich bags. I know what you are thinking, but it is possible. It really is.
I’m considering going back part time to using tips especially when outlining and flooding the cookies, but for piping delicate patterns I like the close control sandwich bag provides.
Before September 2010 I used to decorate  cookies while holding  them in my left  hand and I piped with the right hand, it is pretty hard to do actually, pipe and hold a cookie at the same time. I haven’t thought for a second of putting the cookie down on a table!


Anyhow, thanks to several Cookie Queens that I met on Flickr I learned to decorate a cookie on a steady  surface. This was a really important cookie decorating breakthrough for me in 2010, it also saved me from going bald.;-)
I’ve been asked many times about my sandwich bag decorating technique and today I decided to show a really very simple cookie design, using sandwich bags in my video tutorial.
I’m hoping to show you more complex designs in the future, I was pretty nervous with camcorder rolling, usually I’m behind the lens not in front of it.
I use a 10 Second Rule when making my flood icing.
I’m also big on using luster dust on cookies, either dry or wet, here is a detailed photo tutorial on Luster Dust

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  1. Hi Haniela! I'm a new follower.. =) Love your blog! I still can't believe that the little dots on the cookie are from the sandwich bag too! Great work!

  2. Oh my goodness! This is so cool, Hani! Thanks for sharing this with us. I love seeing my cookie idols in action! I'm in love with those gorgeous white heart cookies! Did you use your sandwich bags on them, too? When I first started decorating, I too used sandwich bags, only I used a coupler and tip with it. I used that for a long time because I was too cheap to buy the disposable decorating bags! Fast forward a couple of months and I've switched to using the disposals but I do wash and reuse. That's what I liked about the sandwich bags…..no washing….just tossing. I did have some that burst open on me. Not fun!! Looking forward to more of your tutorials.

  3. Do you ever have a problem with the bag bursting? I suppose having the correct consistency would prevent that? I use freezer bags with couplers and tips, but I might give this a try! Beautiful as always….

  4. Thank you everyone for checking out my Sandwich Bag Decorating Technique.

    Bea, how did you know what I wanted to hear?! Thanks

    Natasha,I wish I could paint like you.:-)

    Pam, thank you.

    Jeniffer, see I'm trying to get you into cookies too, you could do great things, cupcakes and cookies.

    Tracy, I'm sure you can get a hang of it, let me know how you do, and clean up is really easy breezy 😉

    Anita, thank you for stopping by. I'll try to make more of these in the future, let me know how it works out with your cookies.

    Faithy, yes, clean up is definitely easier. I have a steady hand? Believe me there are shaky moments too.

    Manni, thank you.

    Glory, thank you girl.

    Liat, fantastic, it is great to hear I'm not alone who is using sandwich bags to decorate cookies.
    Thank you for your tip for the bags, I have to check it out, sounds like a deal.

  5. Great video, and I thought that I am the only crazy one that use sandwich bags LOL. Let me give you a small tip that may save you a few bucks, Smart and Final sell sandwich bags without the zip lock and the bags has a good corner to decorate with. It is their brand name, and you buy 1000 bags for about $5.

  6. Wow..Hani, you make it look so easy!! I have to try your method..less cleaning up to do and i like..:D And you have such steady hands!

  7. You make it look SO easy! I can tell you this; that when I pull out the Valentine hearts and icing, I'll be giving this a multiple viewing again in prep. Awesome! Please do more of these tutorials!

  8. This is so cool to see you do, Hani! When you mentioned before that you used sandwich bags, I thought I would give it a whirl… I failed! LOL Maybe after seeing this, I will give it another try! I am not a fan of washing pastry bags! Thanks again for your great tutorial!

  9. Hani! This is fabulous. I LOVED seeing you do something I couldn't even fathom. Your detail work is always so amazing…..and to think you do it with a plastic sandwich bag! Wow. My appreciation for you just grew by leaps and bounds. :))))))

  10. What a great tuto, Hani! Those bags must be a breeze for cleaning up… loved the music, and I don't know why, but it's exactly what I thought you would like to hear… lovely!

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