Mother’s Day Cookies, Using Stamps on Frosting Sheets

Let’s talk Frosting Sheets. It is a form of edible “paper” thin icing, used on cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts.
Frosting Sheets are usually made from a  special fondant material, pressed into ultra thin sheets, for easier handling they also have a backing attached to them. Backing paper has to be removed before you apply sheet onto the cake, cookies  or cupcakes. Once you apply sheet, in several hours it will merge with royal icing or buttercream, creating an even layer of icing.

Storing Frosting Sheets:
Icing sheet when exposed to air will dry out, best to keep them in the original packaging tightly closed. In case they are little dry you can place a piece of damp paper towel into the sandwich bag, leave the bag open and then place it underneath the frosting sheet. Sandwich bag will be touching backing of the frosting sheet, don’t place it directly on the frosting sheet itself.

To make these cookies you need:
Royal Icing(15second to flood the cookies, oultine consistency for the sugar border)
Woodblock rubber stamp(previously only used with edible inks), you can get other designs, I bought this one at a craft store
Frosting Sheets
Food Writer Edible Color Markers -used in the video
White Sanding Sugar, 1 lb.

To make Royal icing I use Wilton Meringue Powder, 16 oz Can
Scissors to cut  the sheets

Video Tutorial:
If you leave out “mom” you could easily use these for Valentine’s Day, Wedding or Engagement.
Aren’t they pretty?

I also used Frosting Sheet to decorate Butterfly Cupake with Edible Tag


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