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Colorful Fall Cookie Leaves


 Few weeks back I saw this cute idea  of using multi-colored cookie dough to make  cookie leaves,  here you can see the original post that inspired me.


I’ve used this technique before when I made fondant leaves but it has never occurred to me to use it for cookies as well. It is super easy and really fun to do.
I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe , I flavored my dough with almond extract, once the dough was formed  I divided it into 3 equal amounts and colored it with red, green and golden yellow. I refrigerate colored cookie dough for one hour.Once you are ready to roll out the dough gently push colored doughs into each other, do not knead!
I rolled cookie dough into about 1/8 of the inch, using small cookie cutters  I cut out as many leaves as I could.Gather scraps and re-roll the dough, without kneading it, cut as more leaves.

I wanted to give cookie leaves more realistic look, I used pieces of rolled parchment to achieve the effect.
Once cookies are baked at 365F for about 6-7 minutes, let them cool on the baking sheet and then simply remove parchment paper rolls.

~Happy Fall~

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