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Fried Chicken Cake Pops, April Fool’s Day

Did I fool you?
Today we are going to make Fried Chicken Cake Pops for April Fool’s Day. Wait, that’s not all! I teamed with my You Tuber friends in a fun Collaboration featuring variety of Food Pranks. You can check how to make all of these here.

Fried Chicken Cake Pops (makes
about 10-12 pieces)- Velvet Vanilla Pound Cake or use your
favorite Vanilla Cake- you need about 5 cups fine cake crumbs
3/4 of 8oz cream cheese block
1/4 cup room temperature butter
2/3 cup powdered sugar, use more as desired
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
2tbl whipping cream

2tbl strawberry/raspberry jam
1/4 cup micro marshmallows
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips


-2 cups Corn Flakes, crushed (or other similar shaped cereal, or crumbled
cookies would be awesome too)
1/8tsp cinnamon(if using with corn flakes)

1/4 of 8ozcream cheese block
1tbl brown sugar
2bl peanut butter(optional, if you have allergies omit peanut butter)

White Candy Melts
Mini Marshmallows
Pretzel Sticks


 Bake a cake, or use a store
bought mix to bake the cake. Let Cool. Once cooled using clean hands crumble
the cake. Take out 5 generous cups of fine crumbs.

Make the Cream cheese
frosting, cream butter until smooth, gradually add cream cheese(it’s fine to
use low fat variety),  then gradually add
powdered sugar, scraping the bowel once or twice. Add vanilla extract and beat
in whipping cream until smooth.

 Add cream cheese frosting
into the cake crumbs. Optional : add mini chocolate chips, jam and micro
marshmallows. Stir until you have a homogenous mass. Set aside, cover .

To make the chicken legs use
small pretzels sticks, mini marshmallows and white chocolate candy melts. Melt
the chocolate, follow instructions on the packaging. Dip end of the pretzel
stick into the chocolate, quickly attach 2 mini marshmallows.  Place the pretzel with marshmallows on a tray
lined with wax paper. Repeat. Let he chocolate harden before moving onto the
next step. You can speed it up by putting the pretzels into the fridge for 10
minutes. Once chocolate hardens, dip the
end of the pretzel with marshmallows about  1/4 way up into the white chocolate. Gently
tap your hand holding the pretzel to remove excess chocolate. Transfer onto the
tray lined with wax paper. Return to the fridge for the chocolate to harden.
Once firm you can peel the off the wax paper.

 Forming Chicken Cake Pops
:  take a handful of cake pop mix, form
it into a ball. Take pretzel leg  and
insert into the cake ball. Shape it with your clean hands so it resembles
chicken leg.  Repeat. Cover cake pops
wish plastic wrap and chill for about 20 minutes in the fridge.

Prepare Toppings : crumble
corn flakes, stir in cinnamon. You can also use crumbled cookies if you
wish.  Beat cream cheese, add brown sugar
and peanut butter if using. If desired add additional sugar. Beat until creamy.

 Final Assembly : spread  cream cheese topping onto the chilled cake
pops. Frosting will serve as glue for the corn flakes to stick, so make sure
you spread the frosting on the hole cake pop. Gently dip cake pops into corn
flakes or cookie crumbs. Coat evenly. Transfer to a tray. Enjoy.

Alternatively, skip making of
the legs and make chicken nuggets.

Sauce : heat whipping cream
to the point when you see small bubbles forming on the surface. Remove
from  heat and pour over chocolate. Let
sit covered with paper towel and a plate for 5 minutes. Stir vigorously with a
clean metal whisk , until smooth. Ganache can be made days ahead, store in the
fridge. Gently reheated in the microwave until smooth.

Happy April Fool’s Day.

Need some visual help, here is a fun video on how to make Fried Chicken Cake Pops

Serve Chocolate Ganache with Fried Chicken Cake Pops.

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  1. Do you think I could freeze these if I wanted to make several batches for a large party? Would you freeze before frosting with crumbled cereal?

    1. Hello,
      I haven’t tried freezing these. If I was to freeze them, it would be at the stage before assembly and without the crumbled cereal.
      I believe cereal would get soggy after freezing and thawing.

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