I Love You Because Cookie Puzzle

Are you looking for another cute idea to celebrate Valentine’s day? Here is an adorable cookie puzzle piece I made using several cookie cutters from The Cookie Cutter Company.
I used a large heart cookie to bake the cookies and once baked and still hot from the oven I cut them up into smaller pieces using other cutters. It was easy and fun, and you can do it too. Surprise your loved ones with a fun cookie puzzle.
Two in one: cookie and a puzzle.

 To make I Love You Because Cookie Puzzle Cookie you need:
Large 5 inch Heart cookie cutter
Mini Heart cookie cutter
Fluted Heart cookie cutter 
red food
food  coloring pen  (they also carry these at Michaels)
  • Bake the
  • While your cookies are still hot, just when you take them out of the oven, cut them up into pieces creating a jigsaw puzzle, using mini heart cookie cutter, fluted cutter and a knife. Be creative. Let the cookies cool.
  • Ice cookies with white and red icing, let dry.
  • Using a food pen write messages on each cookie, let dry.
  • Put cookies into a jar, small bowl or a pretty coffee mug, wrap the mug with a clear cellophane and give this adorable puzzle gift to your Valentine. 

I love you because…

You can view more tutorials from The Cookie Cutter Company  Valentine’s Day project here :
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