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Easter Maze Cake with Simple Buttercream Flowers

Easter Maze Cake is a fun addition to Easter Festivities, I can see especially kids appreciate the fun game nested on the top of the cake.
All the decorations on this cake are from buttercream, except Candy Eggs. Beauty is that you can make buttercream decorations ahead time and have them in the freezer waiting for you when you are ready to decorate the cake. Make sure you work quickly when handling buttercream decorations as they will  get soft when exposed to room temperature..
Have fun finding your way to the nest.


Resize as needed

To make the Easter Maze Cake Decorated with Simple Buttercream Flower you need:Recipes
Cake – Velvet Pound Cake, Sponge Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake
Swiss Buttercream – to make the maze, nest, flower, stems and leaves
For the Filling you can use anything from jam, , swiss buttercream, pastry cream, cream cheese frosting, German Buttercream, Ganache.

Tools to make the Buttercream Flowers
Cut up wax paper squares
Flower nail or Round Meat Thermometer
Piping Tip – Petal Tip #104 (Ateco or Wilton) – larger flowers
Piping Tip Petal Tip # 101 or #102   – smaller flowers
Piping Bags, Couplers
Americolor Gel Food Colorings  : yellow

Tools to make the Buttercream Nest
Piping Tip – Round Tip #2 or #3
Piping Bags, Couplers
Americolor Gel Food Colorings : brown

Tools to make Buttercream Maze
Maze Template, resize template to fit your cake, make it little smaller so it fits nicely on the top of your cake. Print the template.
Piping Tip – Round Tip#3
Piping Bags, Couplers
Americolor Gel Food Colorings : orange

Tools to make Flower Stems and Leaves
Piping Tip – Round Tip #3 or #4
Piping Bags, Couplers
Americolor Gel Food Colorings: green

Candy Easter Egg or Mini Chocolate Egg Nest them into the Buttercream Nest

Learn how to make Simple Buttercream Flowers and how to create Easter Maze Cake using my video tutorial

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