Confirmation Dove Cake


Several weeks ago a friend of mine asked me to make a  Confirmation cake for her son Tyler; right after she mentioned it I started to think about different cake designs(should I go with white and blue, or white and yellow and blue, or silver blue white, dots, swirls, a bow?) and after a long deliberation I’d decided to repeat my original design from few years ago. My first  Dove Confirmation cake  was for a friend’s daughter and though I was pleased with it, I was waiting for the opportunity to recreate the dove topper; it is my favorite part of the whole design, truly though I shouldn’t be taking the credit as inspiration for stylized dove topper was drawn from  Stone Confirmation Dove Plaque , same design  is also use for this beautiful Confirmation Dove Pendant.
Cake is German Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Sponge Cake filled with raspberry jam and vanilla swiss buttercream.
Cake is also frosted with Swiss Buttercream and symbolically decorated with piped rays of light with a stylized dove sitting atop the cake and a golden cross  attached to the front .Keeping it simple with white and gold details proved to be the right choice, my friend loved the  elegant feel and  Tyler told me(upon the cake delivery) that the dove was really, really cool; just the right thing to say to someone who’d  had  just spent 2 days obsessing about the Dove topper.:-)
Both Dove topper(including the base and flowers) and the Cross are made from gumpaste ,once dry both were painted with gold luster dust (how to paint with luster dust tutorial). To attach dove to the base I used medium stiff royal icing, you need to make sure that dove stands still so royal icing can dry, firmly  adhering the dove to the base. Additional support is needed to keep the dove upright in the drying process. I used pieces of plastic wrap to support it from both sides, once royal icing is dry, dove will stand on its own.



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