Cute Bird Cookies

I’ve been little busy these past few days. We are having a really cold Winter and I’ve just heard we are expecting more snow tomorrow night. Just what I wanted, more snow!
Truth is I’m ready to be hugged by the smell of Spring and cherry blossoms.
Now about the bird cookies, actually I made these for a friend, she has several bird feeders out in the back yard. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy watching the variety of birds fly around, stop for a quick snack and go. They appear suddenly from nowhere, take a bite and fly away.
I used a cookie template, you can find it here.
For the bird cookies I used the recipes below.

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  1. soo soo pretty these cookies are! The weather here is always hot..so come down and visit me! šŸ˜€

  2. These birds are so adorable, Hani!

    By the way, I tried your sandwich bag piping technique recently when I ran out of disposable piping bags. And it did work! Thanks for sharing that video, really helpful! šŸ™‚

  3. How wonderful, I was thinking of making some love birds but not as beautiful and vibrant as these lovelies. It is full on summer here, super hot, must jump in the pool weather. Have just spent Australia Day having a BBQ at the park. Wish I could send some of our warm weather over to you Xx.

  4. What sweet birds! Hope you don't get too much snow šŸ™‚ I wonder now… Where do you live? No snow here so I'm sending you sunshine šŸ™‚

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