Christmas Gingerbread Centerpieces



I started making Gingerbread Centerpieces 2 years ago as gifts for our friends, they are so rewarding, though I wouldn’t recommend eating one as they are pretty much hard as a rock, they make for a beautiful decoration during the holidays and they offer the smell bonus as they smell divine.
Excuse the photo quality as these were taken before I fell in love with food photography.


 I hope this gallery gave you an idea for your Holiday Decor, it is a fun project for the kids as well as the whole family. Stay tuned as next week I will  show you how you can make a beautiful gingerbread centerpiece.

Have a Great Weekend.


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  1. I love these, I've never seen the "candle" pieces… very pretty 🙂 I'm with Faithy, with the hot Christmas weather it's hard to have sweet food on display… warring with ants at the moment! I'll have to do a "Christmas in July" next year so I can make gingerbread centrepieces!

  2. these are so wonderful and so creative! You totally rock! i wish i can make gingerbread houses and display like that. You know over here, it's impossible because anything sweet, will attract ants, and lizards and cockroaches…

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